Standard Bank Auto Show

Join us at the Standard Bank Auto Show on the 30th June & 1st of July 2017.





Standard Bank Auto Show bigger than ever
Incredible same-day deals offered

19 June 2017 | Motors @ Republikein

Yochanaan Coetzee - The Standard Bank Auto Show 2017 was launched with an exciting event held at Standard Bank's head offices in Windhoek, last week.

Now in it's 11th year, the Standard Bank Auto Show, held in conjunction with the Biltongfees, has become one of the biggest draws in the country with exhibitors and attendees coming from all corners of the country to ­experience the energy and excitement of this two-day event next weekend.

Press, vehicle and asset finance experts and banking executives braved the cold to learn about what this year's annual highlight has in store.

A driving force behind the success of the Standard Bank Auto Show, Wim Lotter, head of vehicle and asset finance at Standard Bank, gave launch attendees more information on what attendees later called “the biggest celebration of cars and culture in the country, by far!”.

“Based on the growing success of this unique event, we are happy to announce the exciting ways in which this year's event promises to exceed those before it.

“To compliment the efforts of our esteemed dealers and to make for an unsurpassed vehicle buying ­experience, we at Standard Bank will be bringing all our services to the event, so customers can browse, ask questions and even conclude their purchase and delivery of their vehicle at the Standard Bank Auto Show,” he said to great applause.

“Beyond that, we will be constructing a large glass tent, in which our premium dealers will display some of their finest models to the public and our esteemed private banking clients,” he added.

The excitement doesn't end there as customers who make use of next weekend's festivities to purchase their next vehicle, will also take advantage of Standard Bank's incredible offer of prime less 1.75 %, residual value of up to 25% and a two-month payment holiday or a one-month insurance payment holiday.

“Buying a new car can often be daunting - especially for us women. This is why we urge the public to make use of this exciting event to experience the vehicles in one easy setting and to then conclude their purchase in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere in the quickest possible ­turnaround time.

You could start the process in the morning and leave the event in your new vehicle at the end of the day,” said Mercia Geises, head of personal and business banking at Standard Bank.

Thrills to match the deals

Besides that motoring madness, the two-day Standard Bank Auto Show and Biltongfees has also upped the ante in terms of entertainment, and attendees can look forward to a variety of top local and South African music acts, exhibitors with ­everything from arts, crafts, toys and other ­delicacies to pair with your favourite biltong at the show, and for the ­first time in Namibia, a multiple ­world-champion freestyle rider pulling off trick jumps so big, you should be able to see them from Okahandja.


That's right, arguably one of the best freestyle motorbike riders in history will be performing death-defying jumps and tricks during the “Night of the Jumps” event.

Libor Podmol's dedication to his sport can only be compared to his ­disregard for gravity and every oppressive rule of physics ever thought up.

“The Standard Bank Auto Show in conjunction with the Biltongfees has, through its success, outgrown many of our previous venues and with the hard work of all those involved, we hope to continue to grow and bring more to this yearly highlight on the Namibian calendar,” said Rev. Frans Ras of the Biltongfees organizing committee.

“We see a future where this exciting event evolves into a full celebration of arts, cars and culture, so that we can offer attendees even more on this annual highlight,” he added.

With it's wide variety of entertainment, exciting exhibition of cars, trucks, bikes and even handicrafts, missing this means missing out on the most delectable delicacies, exciting offers and memorable atmosphere you'll find this year.

The Standard Bank Auto Show, held in conjunction with the Biltongfees, will take place next weekend at the SKW Sportsgrounds in Olympia from 30 June to 1 July.